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Recorded 3-25-2022

Guide to the Markets with J.P. Morgan

Featured guest speaker, Brendan Coyne, Vice President of J.P. Morgan Asset Management, discusses how to navigate through the investment landscape and provide insight to your most pressing questions. With the rising uncertainty and volatility in today's markets, let's take a deeper dive into:


Recorded March 2022

Understand Your Retirement Plan Options When Moving to Your New Employer

Calling all MarinHealth employees: Are you affected by the Optum Transition? Find out what your retirement plan distribution options are and how this transition will impact you. Your retirement plan representative, Maritza Rogers of Lincoln Financial Advisors, discusses how you can make the choice that aligns with your financial future and provide insight to any questions you may have.


Recorded 12-2-2021

Signs of Dementia and Aging - How to Plan For the Future

Featured guest speakers, Andrea Korsunsky, BSW, Director of Center for Dementia Care and Dr. Catherine Madison, Neurologist with JFCS’ Seniors at Home share their insight and provide a comprehensive overview on The Benefits of Early Detection of Dementia.

This presentation will provide you with tools and techniques on how to best support your clients, patients and/or family members with dementia. The discussion will focus on understanding the signs and symptoms, the importance of early diagnosis, and advances in neurological evaluations. You will also learn communication best practices, getting organized with your health and creating a care team. 

Hosted by Maritza Rogers CRN-3898352-110221


Recorded 10-20-2021

How to Be Prepared for Fire Season in California

With the annual reoccurrence of "Fire Season" in California, and the magnitude of the destruction it has caused, it's in the best interest of consumers to be educated and prepared. Our featured guest speaker, Kelly Cansler, Owner of Cansler Insurance Agency Inc., will give some eye-opening insights to how home insurance policies are drawn up, and paid out so that you can be made whole again after a fire loss. Other topics include making sure the insurance is correct for your needs and how to prepare in advance for a fire loss. 

Hosted by Maritza Rogers CRN-3811095-093021


Recorded 10-6-2021

"I Owe How Much?!" Understanding and Taking Control of Your Student Loans

Student loans should NOT be a deterrent to achieving your life plans and aspirations. Our featured guest speaker, Robin Starr, co-founder and financial planner of Athena Wealth Strategies, discusses how to navigate through existing student loans and its considerations.

Key fundamental topics include: - A Basic Overview of Student Loans - Loan Forbearance and Forgiveness - Income Driven Repayment Options - Loans and Financial Planning Hosted by Maritza Rogers CRN-3765962-091521


Recorded 8-5-2021

"What If?" Parent Contingency Planning

Our featured guest speaker, Rebecca Matthias, will highlight the tools needed to provide you with the sense of security that your children will be safe and well-cared for, in the event that you are no longer able to care for them. Hosted by Maritza Rogers and Robin Starr CRN-3706020-080621


Recorded 6-9-2021

J.P. Morgan's Guide to Retirement

Guest speakers, Katherine Roy and Jordan McBride highlight the importance of planning for retirement through topics including: Social Security, Medicare, Saving vs. Spending, and Investor Goals. Hosted by Maritza Rogers and Bethany Borowsky.


Recorded 5-5-2021

Prepare for a Healthier Future: The Value of Long-Term Care Expense Planning

Guest speaker, Amie Stone (Regional Marketing Director of Lincoln Financial Distributors), highlights why planning ahead for Long-term care expenses is an important step to protecting one's financial future. Hosted by Maritza Rogers and Bethany Borowsky.


Recorded 4-7-2021

Retiring On Purpose - Beyond Financial Planning: Creating The Life You Want

Guest speaker, Chad Cassidy (Regional Vice President with Jackson National ), discusses the important of creating a satisfying, purpose-driven life and how a sense of purpose can actually help you live longer, healthier, and happier. Hosted by Maritza Rogers and Bethany Borowsky


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